My mission is to serve all branches of our Armed Forces and to honor our local military heroes. Clermont County has a rich tradition of military personnel that need to be celebrated and remembered. I am proud to live here and to have met many members of our active and retired armed forces.


Our armed forces have no rival. Serving in the best armed forces in the world entitles one to be respected and revered. I know we have Veteran’s Day parades and color guards invited to bowl games, but my mission is to identify and pay tribute to the local individuals who have distinguished themselves and made America safe.


The freedoms and liberties so many have fought to protect are the very backbone of our country. Having the greatest armed forces in the free world guarantees our way of life. We are free from oppression, tyranny, and famine. We are free to live the American dream. We owe those who put country and freedom first and will forever be in debt to our armed forces!


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